Thursday, September 19, 2013

Closing the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Closing the Skills Gap in Manufacturing
Gain the tools needed to hire workers with the right skill sets to meet the needs of manufacturing companies
September 24, 2013
12:00pm - 1:00pm (PST)
Free Webinar  
Brent Weil
Senior Vice President for Education & Workforce

Join us on September 24th for a discussion with Brent Weil, Senior Vice President for Education & Workforce with The Manufacturing Institutean organization dedicated to improving and expanding manufacturing in the United States.  During this webinar, Brent will address the following topics:
  • Challenges facing our nation's manufacturers, including the most up-to-date research that is available on workforce issues facing manufacturers; 
  • The Manufacturing Institute's Manufacturing Skills Certification System, which has been endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers and uses industry-recognized credentials to ensure workers are productive and successful on the job; and
  • Some of The Manufacturing Institute's innovative initiatives to grow manufacturing in the U.S., including paving the pathway for veterans to enter manufacturing careers.
This webinar is part of LAEDC's new Better Business Webinar Series.  
There is no cost to attend this webinar.   
Register to attend here.
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